What makes this backpack unique and a true master of versatility is the removable hood.


Sciarpuccio is an italian funny word that means hooded scarf.


This typical bucket bag design distinguished itself thanks to its handmade woven leather straps which add a hint of freak style.

Hello! Welcome to my Online Shop,
my name is Martina, an italian fashion designer and creator of a totally handcrafted line of accessories that combines elegance with functionality and a vintage feel. Each one of the accessories in my collection arises from creativity, total devotion and a sense for beauty:  an original idea to start, then patterns and prototypes, finally the production using premium raw materials and total attention to detail. I personally design the patterns and the prototypes and closely  follow each step to the final result, to infuse it with a spark of my essence. Fashion and design, wonderlust and knowledge of the world, timeless elegance, spirituality as well as practicality. A style that I like to call  ‘urban hippie’!

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